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Magic City as Construction Manager

Construction Management is a term covering a range of project delivery methods in which the Construction Manager (CM) joins the project team during the project formation or design phase and provides services related to:

    • Project Phasing & Scheduling
    • Budgeting, Estimating, Cost Control
    • Value Engineering, Constructability, Building Technologies
    • Material and Labor Resources
    • Scoping/Bidding/Negotiating & Awarding Subcontracts

Project Management & Field Supervision
MCD can be hired as the CM to assist with any phase of the project, from pre-design to the final building phase, but typically maximizes value when hired early in the project for the pre-construction phase. MCD will assist the designer with constructability issues, value engineering and provide continuous budgeting. By comparison, the traditional Design/Bid/Build method does not allow for this level of teamwork and cooperation prior to bidding.
As the Construction Manager, MCD can serve in different capacities, with varying degrees of authority, depending on the Owner's needs and requirements. A fee is paid to the CM relative to the services performed, which range from advising during the pre-construction documents to administering the work after the drawings are complete, but serving as an Owner's agent in all matters. Construction Management is appropriate for both private and public projects that are relatively complex where continuous monitoring of cost and schedule are critical. CM services are divided into three basic categories:

    • Construction Manager as Advisor
    • Construction Manager as Agent
    • Construction Manager as Constructor

The CM's fee is proportional to the level of risk assumed, but is usually offset by the cost saving practices and value added during the pre-construction process by keeping the project on schedule, presenting estimates at key milestones (i.e. conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents), identifying opportunities for cost savings, and controlling costs/changes during construction. Magic City Development as CM can also fast-track the project so that the work can occur simultaneously with the production of drawings, thus saving time and dollars

Magic City as Construction Manager-Advisor
The CM-Advisor is either hired from the onset of the project or when the design is essentially complete and is expected to provide continuous CM service. This form of service is limited to an advisory capacity for the Owner, therefore there are no financial and construction responsibilities for the CM. On large projects, the Owner often hires a CM as Advisor if the Owner does not have sufficient in-house management or facilities staff, the project site is not conveniently located to the Owner's home base of operations or the Owner seeks the perspective of a seasoned team of professionals.

Magic City as Construction Manager Owner’s Rep/Agent
This method allows the Owner to step back from the project. The CM-Agent has full decision-making authority and financial responsibility. This role relieves the Owner from the day-to-day project management tasks and assures control of the costs during design and construction. Typically, the CM as Agent has the broad financial responsibilities that the Advisor lacks, but does not have construction responsibility of the CM as Constructor. Many public projects are handled via CM-Agent.