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Commercial Construction

As your General Contractor, Magic City Development will always be responsible to the Owner for the successful completion of the work agreed upon in a timely manner.

  • MCD will meet with the Owner’s representatives, and the A/E at regularly scheduled meetings at the job site to discuss progress of the work.
  • MCD suggests that the Owner have an onsite representative verifying the contractor’s progress and approve all progress payments based on mutual agreement of the parties.
  • MCD will be ultimately responsible for the coordination of all trades and the progress schedule, working with all subcontractors fairly, economically, and expeditiously to resolve disputes and changes that inevitably occur.
  • The Senior Project Manager takes the lead role in scheduling and phasing all construction activity, in consultation with the owner, and is responsible for delivering the work on time and within budget.
  • The Project Manager tracks the submittal and approval of shop drawings, monitors the schedule, administers trade contracts, meets weekly with the project team and resolves technical issues.
  • The Project Manager’s efforts are supported by a Project Engineer and by MCD’s office staff who assist with estimating, value engineering, financial control and contract administration.
  • The Site Superintendent is responsible for the daily coordination of all trades and lays out the work, schedules each day’s activity, schedules the delivery of materials, coordinates the trades and monitors the materials and workmanship.
  • The Site Superintendent, who is also the Safety Officer, oversees the start-up of the project systems and is responsible for executing the work to the Owner’s requirements and satisfaction.
  • Before work begins, the Owner has continuous input to identify program and schedule issues. MCD addresses those issues through milestone dates that are incorporated into the final schedule.
  • During construction, MCD’s on-site project manager prepares two types of schedules: one is the overall project schedule, based on the preconstruction effort, and the other is the three week “look-ahead” schedule that shows the exact location of upcoming work, day by day.
  • MCD is responsible for seeing that all issues are resolved in such a way as to meet the Owner’s budget and timetable.
  • On projects where there is an absentee Owner, it is crucial to plan each step in the construction process, with the review and input of the owner’s staff. The pre-construction meetings are essential so that MCD can work with the Owner and the design professionals to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly.
  • On complex projects or one where the participants have not worked together before, MCD holds a team building or partnering meeting: a series of workshops to develop the Project mission statement and charter with the participation of the owner’s staff, the architect and the major trade contractors and suppliers.
  • Partnering is the process of establishing a working relationship among members of a project team whereby the team members collectively commit themselves to the common goals and objectives of the team - to produce a successful project and to develop an ongoing relationship based on trust, confidence and respect.
  • Development of any project which includes design and construction, The Owner, designers and builders must work together as though time is always of the essence which is critical to the successful completion of the Project.
  • Owners should make their specific program requirements available at the early stages of any Project in order for the Architects, engineers, designers and the builder to develop the plans and specifications to meet those needs.